At Brain Bolts we pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems in creative ways. It can be anything from the creation of a marketing strategy document to the illustration of a complex information system or graphic. The application of the solution can also take many forms from web sites to a brochure to a PowerPoint deck. What matters is the communication of the concept to the right audience in the right manner so that the client’s message stays connected. We give you creative sparks from both sides of the brain. And we are very good at just that. And while we are confident you will enjoy successful marketing efforts when you partner with us, we are equally sure you will enjoy the process. 




Strategy clarifies business objectives, evaluates and creates a plan for supporting those goals through marketing by connecting with targets to differentiate.


Research defines the challenge, using primary and secondary methods and data types and sources, determine forms and samples, collect data, analyze and reportthe conclusions.

Ideation Generates and developes new concepts. Taking ideas and turning them into a product or service to help achieve goals efficiently.


Planning is a comprehensive set of steps which outline marketing efforts across media, timing and resources.


Branding is a company’s promise to customer.s It tells them what to expect from products and services, and it differentiates offerings from competitors. 


Response is successful when effective marketing elicits a measured result from a customer’s interaction with a communication that facilitates the delivery of a call to action and outcome.



design (1).png

Design is the planning and creating of ideas and experiences with the form of the communication either physical or virtual, and including images, text, or graphic forms.


Print communications are still a viable tool for some marketing efforts. Maximizing their use and effectiveness is vital to their correct implementation.


Web site creation requires disciplines from planning and writing to design and development and all must all coalesce to be successful.


Digital encompasses everything from interactive pdf decks to apps to social creative. All of these utilize technologies in support of strategic goals.


Video is a powerful tool and it covers live action, animation and all aspects of creating a marketing communication that embrace all aspects of this medium.


UX is the design of websites, apps and other digital media that, focuses on the user's experience, process and interaction with the media.